Date: Jul 28, 2016
From: Jimmy Krug

Getting started online isn't easy. If you need a personal mentor and consultant (with real world experience) to answer your questions on a daily basis and help you work through the "how-to" issues you face with your online business, read on –

Who Can Benefit From This 60-Day Business Consulting Program?

This 60-Day program was created for online entrepreneurs of all levels who want to enjoy better, measurable results with their Internet business.

Which of these applies to your situation?

  • I am new to the Online business world and need some direction and guidance to put everything together!
  • I am somewhat experienced, am making some money, but need to increase my traffic, subscribers, and sales!
  • I am a fairly experienced Internet marketer and want to take my online business to the next level!

If you fall into one of these above descriptions, this 60-Day business consulting program is for YOU!

Why Invest in a Mentoring Program?

SmallInformation is easy to come by, isn't it? All you have to do is whip out your credit card and buy information on just about any topic you want.

  • Looking for list-building info? No problem, products are available.
  • Looking for traffic strategies? Same thing. You can buy a variety of courses.
  • Looking for ready-made articles? PLR sites are everywhere.

The problem isn't finding information. The problem is figuring out how to actually USE the information to get real results.

That's why you may find yourself in a situation where it's to your advantage to find an expert to consult with and get specific answers to specific questions and problems (not a "group's" questions as is the case with the Webinar teaching model).

Think about this for just a moment.

Which is better?

1) Buying a master golf instructor's book on playing better golf, or

2) Having the same golf instructor teach and train you directly?

Information is rarely, if ever, a better alternative than having a personal consultant and professional teach you directly.

The reason is simple -

A qualified consultant, trainer, or teacher can help you APPLY information to YOUR specific situation to help you get the best results possible.

**** A qualified consultant can ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS! ****

What qualifies me to help you?

I've been doing business online since 1998. Since then, I've developed a variety of successful online businesses (including a few strange ones!). Here are just a few examples –

  • An Online Publicity Service (With thousands of media contacts throughout all 50 states in TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and more. That site distributes press releases throughout all 50-States and also reaches all the “big guys” like Time Magazine, People Magazine, L.A. Times, HBO and many, many others)
  • Web Hosting Services (A hosting service currently serves client sites for every niche you can imagine including - doctors, lawyers, consultants, restaurants, artists, tutoring franchises… even a retired rockstar!)
  • An Advertising Service for People Selling Cemetery Plots (As crazy as it sounds, I have one of the largest cemetery plot directories in the world, featured in several magazines over the past decade). The site is subscription based and is one the the largest in the world in its niche. It makes money like clockwork (as some people say).
  • A Sports Blog/Magazine (This site is boosted my reputation in the boxing world niche. I was recently interviewed by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal about a fighter making a comeback in New York.)
  • A Mass Mailing Service (This service is for clients who want to have their newsletter service and mailings done for them. They simple supply the content and the rest is done for them.

That’s just scratching the surface, but you get the idea. I have a nice collection of "online real estate." I've also consulted for numerous offline business, companies and start-ups. If you're looking for guidance, avoid getting it from someone who's never actually built, owned and operated a real business themselves. I’m not someone who makes a living selling information about how to make money selling information (like so much of the copycat coaching/mentoring junk you see out there today).

Find someone with real-world experience. 

That’s Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About You!

How's your business doing?

If you're not happy with the direction you’re heading in, you already realize it’s time to make a change. If you’re stuck in a rut… you need to do something different to boost your bottom line and start moving forward again. Believe me, I've been in situations myself where I wasn't sure which end was up. When that happens, people tend to freeze up. They start second-guessing everything they do. The pressure that comes with needing to make a change but not knowing what to do begins to build. You need clarity. You have to be able to distinguish a clear-cut, logical direction to move in. Sometimes, you’re not able to do this on your own. Sometimes, you need help.

The answer may not be in buying another “business blueprint” and roughing it on your own. You may need someone to help guide you through the whole process.

Sure, books are great because they can give you a set of instructions to follow. There are many variables, however, that make your situation unique from anything you'll find in a book..

Books can teach you how to create a sales funnel and write good advertising copy, and that's great. But they can’t look over the finished product and tell you if it’s any good or how to improve it. They can't give you specific advice on what to do or test next.

This is where I come in.

Get The Help AND The Tools You Need
For The Next 3-Months...

My program is actually based on my consulting services business I started back in 2000 to help offline clients succeed online. For the next 60-days, you'll get personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentoring to help you with any of your Internet marketing and business questions. The advantages of this type of guidance include -

  • Personalized Reviews. I'll be reviewing your sales letters, your website, your marketing materials and more. I’ll be reviewing your entire business and it “systems.” You'll have access to my personal email address where you and I will communicate one-on-one.
  • Direction. I'll give you specific feedback about how to improve your business. If you want to talk about your sales letter, then I'll tell you how to make changes to get more people to buy. If necessary, we’ll create a fresh marketing plan from the ground up.
  • The Schedule. We'll communicate Tuesday through Friday through my personal email address. Four days a week - ask a question and I’ll help you with specific feedback and suggestions. After you implement the changes and we move on to the next thing that you want to accomplish. We can move at your pace. If something comes up and you need to put a week on "hold," we can do that, too.
  • The Tools. As the owner of a mass mailing service and a national publicity company, you’ll get complete access to all of my tools absolutely free for an entire year after taking and completing this program. If you want to keep using to tools after that, they’ll be available at deeply discounted rates.
  • Design and Technical Issues. With a background in design and WordPress, I can also help you with the nitty-gritty technical and design issues you may currently be wrestling with. My developer licenses with multiple theme and plugin providers can go a long way towards eliminating those hurdles for you.

"Jimmy's Mentoring program has been so much more than I was expecting."

A couple of months ago I knew very little about starting a business and nothing about running a web design business.

I started out confused and unsure that I could actually do this. But Jimmy reassured me and laid out a plan that has taken me step by step to owning my own web business.

He has shown incredible patience while I stumbled along, showing my inexperience and asking many dumb questions. Every question has been answered, every problem overcome.

Jimmy's knowledge is obvious, however, what truly sets him apart is the personal interest he has taken in helping me change my career, and life. I never could have done this without his help and guidance.

- Roger Audy
Rugglebox Web Solutions
North East,MD

"Jimmy has taken me from clueless to clued in."

Jimmy has taken me from clueless to clued in. I finally understand what I need to do to move from concept through development to delivery of an online business and have done this in under 3 months of coaching with Jimmy.

His patience, dedication, knowledge and understanding has been paramount to me getting a business up and running and I intend to work with him on further developing my business into the future."

- Orla Kelly

"I Have A Whole New Level Of Respect For Marketing Gurus!"

Thanks Jimmy for your help. After this program I have a whole new level of respect for you marketing gurus! As I went through your plan I started to clearly see all the areas that I was missing it in.

FINALLY, things made sense.

I believe the methods you teach will help loads of businesses and individuals get out of the rut. Thank you for all your help!

- Dana Farina
Miami, FL.


What’s The Bottom Line?

This 60-Day Boot Camp program was created to help you build and improve your business. Tell me where you want to go and I’ll help direct and guide you there.

Are you ready to get started?

Here's how it works...

After your order has been received, you'll be taken to a registration page. I need to have some basic information before we begin our work together, so take a few minutes complete the brief questionnaire. This will enable me to help you better and understand you specific needs.

After you submit your order below, our program will begin.

Daily Interaction. Every day (Tuesday through Friday) you will receive a reply from me regarding your latest questions or problems. You then implement the changes and suggestions I make. If you need technical assistance that I'm personally capable of providing, I'll be happy to do so.


1. Holidays and weekends are off days. I guarantee they’ll be plenty of work to keep you busy during the week!

2. The content is up to you. If I feel you need to take a few steps backwards because I believe you’re heading down the wrong path, I’ll be honest and tell you. Afterwards, you can decide which direction is best for you. If you’re completely lost or just starting out, I’ll provide you with all the materials you’ll need to get ready for your new business launch.

3. You'll hear from me every day, Tuesday through Friday.

4. Work at your own pace. Thirty days provides you with plenty of time create a foundation you'll benefit from for years to come. Give 100% to each item or task at hand. I will give you suggestions for changes and improvements. Different people are at different places in with their business. Some are just starting out. Others have more experience. How much progress you make depends upon how much needs to be changed and how quick you complete your assignments. Again, this program is designed with you in mind. Work at a pace that you are comfortable with.

PLEASE NOTE: Whether or not you get things accomplished each day or not, you can still ask questions for me to answer. You can always implement some changes during or after our mentoring time together has been completed.

Are you ready to get started?

You have a personal mentor, trainer and coach waiting to help. Click on the button below and get started today!


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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that an individual’s success depends on their background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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